Celebrating the Cartoon

For my Senior Capstone Project: Cartooning has been one of the most versatile forms of communication for centuries. Its impact on the social and political climate where cartoons are distributed can be intense and lasting. Of course, cartoons can simply be entertaining, too. By simplifying information and tackling human issues through a reductive rendering of form, they often speak louder than fully representative artworks. Using a video short that could function as a TV spot, this project seeks to stimulate conversation about and interest in cartooning, especially in those who do not already appreciate the medium as an artform and communication medium. Animation is used with the intent to emphasize the way in which cartooning conveys more information than what is simply shown in the static panels: they really do come to life in our imaginations. Sound effects from various Creative Commons 0 sources and my own foley work, voice acting by Mike Quinlain.

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