Roll & Bowl Concept

I branded and developed a grassroots campaign for a joint ramen noodle and sushi restaurant concept. The idea here is pretty simple: a customizable sushi and ramen joint making the tastiest and most authentic dishes possible from your choice of fresh ingredients. Think the build-your-own burger concept translated to accommodate Japanese cuisine imports — with maybe a little more focus on Japan and a little less on fast-food. Rounded corner square motifs and restaurant layout draw inspiration from a 1960s Japanese architectural style called metabolism that focused on modular and organic design. The brand voice is simple and straightforward but with a bit of tongue-in-cheek wit, creating a refined yet fun environment. The overall goal was to spruce up the usual kitschy Asian restaurant aesthetic with some hard-edged Americana to create a unique experience.

Sushi and ramen icons: also used for decoration, branding accents.
Poster 1 of series advertising an International Sake Day celebration (at night!)
Poster 3 advertises grassroots campaign: Find a Roll & Bowl branded sake serving container, bring it in to the celebration, get a free fill up! All attendees would also have a chance to win a branded set.
Branded chopsticks.
Transit: a study in line intervals
Digital Art, Graphic Design
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Print Design, Icon Design
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Branding, Graphic Design, Icon Design
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Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Design
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Advertising, Print Design, Branding
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OU SOAAH Capstone Exhibition Ebook
Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Typography
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