Feature opener for the annual Best of the West reader poll (with a large focus on local restaurants). I prepared and shot images for this layout, compiled, and finished with the additional graphic elements.
Feature opener for a local food article with the concept "the best representation of famous regional foods here in Colorado."
I staged and shot several of the photos, hand-lettered the title "Eat Around America" (including importing the smaller title line as glyphs into InDesign for kerning) and designed the layout.
Some of the inlaid images in this example were provided by co-workers Erika Liberato and Jennifer Ho at Yellow Scene Magazine. Second image in first row by Paul Wedlake. Third image in first row was provided by 24 Carrot Bistro.
Feature opener for annual Gift and Giving Guide including vector illustration and hand-lettered title design.
Feature opener for annual Halloween Scene section. Ink illustrations with digital color, highlights and collage, along with hand-drawn ink lettering.
Unused feature opener for a story covering all-season/off-season exercise options. My idea was to repurpose and add to Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man to fit with the "balance" concept.

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