Tryworks Creative Concept

A combination project of logo design and the creation of an “annual report,” Tryworks is my concept combining elements of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick and the store The Home Depot. Coming to life as a branding-focused design firm in and of itself, Tryworks combines the customer-focused, can-do culture of the home improvement store with thematic concepts from the famous novel. The logo communicates an interconnectedness and idea of building or construction, while a nautical style underscores the branding style. Would-be or current customers are walked through the signature Tryworks creative process in a narrative booklet. Each step in creating a new look or new product is explained with a key word that reflects part of Ishmael’s journey or his philosophical thought. Just as he is reborn a changed man at the end of Moby-Dick, a company or individual coming to Tryworks for help will emerge having learned a lot about itself and with a fresh outlook. It is in the try-works of a whaling ship that blubber was melted down into valuable oil; Tryworks the company would help to distill the most important parts of its clients into a better end product.

Hand-drawn wordmark.
Narrative process booklet given to potential / established customers detailing the Tryworks creative process via a series of Moby-Dick inspired keywords and icons.
Illustrative Icon Set
More traditional web annual report elements, presentable as a standalone PDF or on a dedicated page.
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